Code of Conduct

  1. Involvement Clients are always in control and input is welcome and encouraged.
  2. Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreements are often requested, but not always. Regardless, we treat all information received as confidential.
  3. Discretion Upon successfully completing your Lease Audit, we will never approach another Tenant in your building. Doing this will aggravate your landlord and will strain the relationship. Occasionally our client portfolios overlap in a particular building and when this happens, we disclose the overlap to our clients and the landlord prior to commencing either audit.
  4. Respect We engage in intelligent and respectful conversation with your landlords during and after the Lease Audit.
  5. Independence We will always be free from any conflict of interest. Unlike many of our competitors we are 100% Tenant focused, avoiding the inherent conflict that arises when representing both landlords and Tenants.